Air Conditioning Services in Michigan

What happens when your air conditioner stops working? Now, your usually comfortable home suddenly becomes a sweltering a sauna! Many people immediately turn to the yellow pages in order to find someone to come out and repair their furnaces. With little, to no thought about researching, with any of the air conditioning companies. Many times the heat will affect their decision, but a some research could save a lot of money in the long run. You need to know that your cooling problems will be addressed quickly, and that the service technician will arrive on time and have the proper tools to effectively deal with the problem. Just asking a few questions can mean the difference between getting okay service and excellent service.

Do you specialize in air conditioner repair?

Although, many heating and air conditioning service companies can diagnose problems, you might want to be sure that the company you hire specializes in heating and air conditioning repair services. Many air conditioning companies repair units, but many others make the bulk of their sales from replacing units instead of repairing them. Keeping in mind that the price to replace a unit is much more significant than the price to replace a part you may want to evaluate, read reviews, or just ask questions before committing to hiring a certain air conditioning company to repair your unit. In some cases, though the air conditioner is simply too old and even replacing a faulty or broken part will not help. In those cases replacing the entire unit is the best course of action.

How qualified are the service technicians?

Reading tips about hiring the best air conditioning repair technicians you may come across a lot of tips that range from common sense to really odd. For example that you should try to figure out if your technician is an alcoholic or not. Unless you want to hire someone to do background checks on the technician, then the best course of action is to find out if they are bonded, licensed, and most of all insured. Also be sure that they have the necessary NATE certification. Usually a technician who has a license, insurance, and is bonded will also have passed the HVAC certification course and have the necessary insurance in case some type of damage happens to your property or yourself because of work done to your air conditioning unit. NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification will show that the person servicing your air conditioner is up to date on all the latest air conditioning knowledge.

Is there a time limit on your service agreement?

This mostly depends on the issue that caused you to have your air conditioner repaired. The technician might not be able to fix the problem the same day. If this is the case you should take care before making payments. You should ask to have a time agreement drafted up to ensure that your unit will be repaired on or by a predefined date and time. If the agreement is not met you will not have to pay. However, most air conditioning companies complete their repairs on time even when you do not have any agreements in place. For every good company there are those who take months or weeks to fix a problem, and this is something that you cannot have happen especially in the sweltering heat of the summer.