Michigan Ductless Mini Split Air Conditoining

Split air conditioners also known as ductless air conditioners are sometimes a better option than central air conditioners. These types of air conditioners are great for small spaces. For example offices and apartments can benefit from split ac because there is no need for a duct system making installing them easier.

But the advantage of a mini-split air conditioning unit is not just their compact size, but also how flexible they are. A split air conditioner can be installed in certain rooms or just because of zoning. These types of systems work off of an outdoor and indoor type of system. However, hooking up the two systems only needs a small 3 to 4 inch hole to connect the conduits together. The unit that is outside can be more than 50 feet from the other unit that is inside, and have up to four air handling units that are used to make the rooms cooler.

The fact that these ductless mini splits do not require any ducts helps save energy. Central air systems that force air through ducts can have loose screws or holes that lose the cool air on the journey to different rooms. This results in higher electric bills and more cost to the homeowner who needs to cool his home or business. While ductless or mini-split air conditioners are much more efficient and also “green” in many areas.

The biggest disadvantage of a mini-split system is the cost. They can price anywhere from 1500-2000 per ton. This cost is much higher than other air conditioners and even window units. They are also much higher in cost than central air units. Another drawback to ductless air conditioners are that they are typically unsightly. Typically, they are mounted to a wall, or ceiling, but you have to have a drain for the water condensation to drain out. The unit doesn’t usually blend in very well and may interrupt the flow of the room.

However, even if split air conditioning units might cost a bit more than typical air conditioning systems they are much better at saving you money. With lower energy bills they usually make up for their higher price tags in a few years of use. Even though they are more efficient and provide higher energy savings some air conditioning companies do not recommend them. This is due partly to the fact that many air conditioning companies have more experience installing duct work systems, and only install mini-splits when ducts are not an option. In the end is up to the owner on what system they want to install, but will probably rely heavily on the recommendation of a company or installer.

Controlling the temperature is essential to staying comfortable.  Nobody wants to be faced with a broken furnace or air conditioner.  Probably the most import part of your home is the heating and cooling system. Although air conditioning is much more common and used in the South, Michigan has hot humid summers as well.  Summers may not be near as hot as it gets down south but hot none the less.

It is always recommended to have a service technicians maintain your HVAC system every year. Some of the air conditioning unit checkups include cleaning the condenser coils, assuring the electronics are functioning properly, oiling the motors, and much more. Hutchison Mechanical in Southeast Michigan can provide the very best prices and service around. Hutchison Mechanical has qualified technicians that will keep you informed throughout the entire process.  Keeping close relationships with our customers is one of our first priorities.