Need an Air Duct Cleaning?

At Hutchison Mechanical, we take heating and air conditioning seriously. Since 1932 we have provided Southeast Michigan with quality heating and cooling services. Our primary focus is providing the highest quality equipment, best service, and affordable prices.

Cleaning your air ducts should be done regularly, especially those with bad allergies. For some people having a duct cleaning will actually allow you to sleep through the night and reduce sinus issues.  Safety King in Macomb Michigan is no doubt the best solution you can get at an affordable rate. When you hire Safety King you can guarantee that they will use the proper equipment and give you the best possible solution.  They have been in business since 1969 and advertise across multiple mediums. No doubt at some point you have seen one of their unique red trucks on the road.

Hutchison Mechanical has worked closely with Safety King for quite some time now. We have always had positive results from referring our loyal customers over to Safety King for their air duct cleaning needs. Please feel free to check them out for yourself, when it comes to air duct cleaning we would reccomend no one else.