Summmer is Here for Sure

Southeast Michigan has sure started off the summer of 2015 with some odd weather. The humidity has not been very forgiving and certainly hasnt been a good year for allergies so far. One maintenance task we cant stress enough is changing the air filter in your home. This will no doubt give you much cleaner air to breathe and can help your allergies a great deal!.

Being that the hot summer months are upon us it is always a good idea to have your air conditioner unit serviced to ensure that it is working to its full efficiency and will continue to work for you throughout the hot summer days. Hutchison Mechanical has qualified technicians waiting to help you with any HVAC issue you might be faced with. Never hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

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Michigan, Spring is Here 2015

The snow has melted, and the rain has arrived which can only mean that the warm weather is around the corner. One of the most important things you can do is have your HVAC system serviced regularly. Aside from that your air filter is a part of the system that will take most of your attention. Making sure you regularly change your air filter can greatly increase indoor air quality and reduce dust. The frequency at which you should change your filter is dependent on your unique situation, whether you live in a dusty area, does any one have allergies in your home? Many factors come into play when deciding when to change the air filter in your home, typically it is every one to three months that most people will change their air filter.

Please call with any questions that you might have and don’t forget that we offer an affordable service plan in Southeast Michigan. Check it out here and if you have any other questions call (586) 786 – 0060

Licensed Heating Contractors in Michigan

2015 has shown some record low temperatures this winter in Michigan. Being a licensed Bryant dealer in Michigan we have a full staff of qualified individuals ready to help you with any HVAC problems that you might have. Whether you have a simple question, or are faced with a broken furnace, do not hesitate to give us a call.  Our friendly staff is ready to help walk you through each step of the process and give you the best advice possible. Being family owned and operated since 1932, customer satisfaction is one of our highest priorities. We have a warehouse full of quality heating products, and a qualified staff dedicated to providing affordable HVAC solutions.

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Winter is Here!

Michigan has been fortunate so far this winter. The weather has been warmer than usual although we have had a few cold days.  There is no doubt that New York was slammed with snow, Michigan has been lucky to only receive a small amount thus far.  The winter is not a time to go without heat, your HVAC system is working non stop in the winter month’s. If you haven’t had your heating and cooling system maintained in some time, then give us a call to ensure you will finish the winter without any surprise problems with your HVAC system.  We have skilled technicians available for you who can ensure that you’re heating and cooling system is running to its fullest potential. Should you be faced with a broken furnace our skilled staff can repair any commercial or residential heating issue that you might encounter.

Need an Air Duct Cleaning?

At Hutchison Mechanical, we take heating and air conditioning seriously. Since 1932 we have provided Southeast Michigan with quality heating and cooling services. Our primary focus is providing the highest quality equipment, best service, and affordable prices.

Cleaning your air ducts should be done regularly, especially those with bad allergies. For some people having a duct cleaning will actually allow you to sleep through the night and reduce sinus issues.  Safety King in Macomb Michigan is no doubt the best solution you can get at an affordable rate. When you hire Safety King you can guarantee that they will use the proper equipment and give you the best possible solution.  They have been in business since 1969 and advertise across multiple mediums. No doubt at some point you have seen one of their unique red trucks on the road.

Hutchison Mechanical has worked closely with Safety King for quite some time now. We have always had positive results from referring our loyal customers over to Safety King for their air duct cleaning needs. Please feel free to check them out for yourself, when it comes to air duct cleaning we would reccomend no one else.

Spring is Here, Summmer is Coming!

With the terribly cold winter that Michigan has had we are certainly ready for the warm weather. Not only have we had record snowfall this winter but have had record low temperatures as well. It certainly has been a very tough winter in Michigan. The technicians at Hutchison Mechanical are gearing up for the warm weather, before you know it the hot summer months will be here and you will have to rely on your air conditioner. Contact us now to setup an appt. to have a full inspection of your heating and cooling system, give yourself peace of mind knowing that your system is running properly. There are many tests that a technician can use to give them a good idea on how well your machine is running. Whether it is the blistering hot sun, or a 25 degree day in spring, you’ll know that your system won’t let you down when you need it most!

Providing Heating and Cooling service since 1932,  we guarantee you will be satisfied with any heating and cooling services you will ever need. 

Winter is Coming, is your HVAC System Ready

Sometimes its easy to overlook the maintenance of your heating and cooling system. Every year in Michigan we have a diverse range of temperatures. Whether we have a hot summer or a bitter cold winter, our HVAC systems are always working hard.  When winter comes, keeping your home or business warm is most definitely one of your main concerns. Sometimes we forget about our heating and cooling system until we actually have a malfunction and end up without heating or air conditioning until a technician can come and repair the damage.

Setting up a yearly appointment to maintain your heating and cooling system will provide you with piece of mind. A skilled technician will be able to test your system and may be able to inform you whether your system is on the brink of a breakdown or is running in perfect order.  Either way proper maintenance by a skilled technician will prolong the life of your HVAC system and prevent future breakdowns that can occur at a moments notice.

Contact our friendly staff with any further questions you may have.  We will be happy to set up a preventative maintenance schedule to fit your needs.   Skilled technicians are just a phone call away.
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Modulating Furnaces

There are many furnace choices to select from in today’s modern age. Fuel efficiency continues to climb as advancements in technology are introduced to the public. Modulating furnaces are in comparison to driving your car in a city, or driving down a highway. Simply put, modulating furnaces have a greater deal of efficiency over traditional gas furnaces. A Modulating gas valve can increase efficiency and reduce temperature changes in your home or business.

Hutchison Mechanical Co. in Macomb Michigan has provided heating and cooling services since 1932. Keeping with the times and evolving with the HVAC industry is the foundation to the success of Hutchison Mechanical. Whether you are interested in a furnace check up or maybe purchasing a new furnace we are guaranteed to have a solution for you.

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Our Mobile Website is LIVE

We have officially launched our mobile website. Hutchison Mechanical has been in business since 1932 and has grown a great deal. Staying up to date with the latest Heating and Cooling techniques is only a small part of continuing to provide the best heating and cooling services in Michigan. Since 1932 alot has changed in the world, including the mobility of or everyday lives. Gone are the days when you open a large phonebook to find a service company. Just about everyone has a cellphone with internet access, when you need something quickly you can easily pull your cellphone out and search for what it is you might need.

Michigan has been lucky to have some unusually warm weather the past couple of days. The cold weather has certainly come quickly, and fellow Michiganders know how quick the weather can change in Michigan. If you haven’t had a furnace check up yet you may want to considered getting your furnace cleaned, and maintained to assure you will have many warm months inside your home or business during the bitter cold winter that’s around the corner.

Hutchison Mechanical has a variety of experienced technicians who are always ready to answer any questions you might have.
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