Hot Summer Days are Here

The scorching summer heat has hit us in Michigan for the past couple weeks. Air conditioners have been working overtime to help keep our homes and businesses nice and cool. For many of us having a home comfort solution during the hot summer months is a necessity to help with allergens and other health issues caused by the current weather. Since 1932 Hutchison Mechanical has provided quality heating and cooling services in Southeast Michigan. If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding your HVAC System never hesitate to call us! (586) 786 – 0060. Newer ac units being sold today can increase efficiency a great deal over older models it may be time to upgrade if your unit isn’t performing how you would like.

Summer is Here in Southeast Michigan

The warm weather is coming and we have already had some hot days. Since 1932 Hutchison has provided quality HVAC services in Southeast Michigan. We have worked with a wide variety of heating and cooling products and keep up to date with the most modern technologies in the heating and cooling field. Qualified technicians are only a phone call away and can handle any of your air conditioning problems that you may come across this summer. Whether you are interested in a modern geothermal heating and cooling system, or simply need a repair never hesitate to give us a call with any questions or concerns that you may have. We always provide free information and are ready for any HVAC task you present us with.
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Summmer is Here for Sure

Southeast Michigan has sure started off the summer of 2015 with some odd weather. The humidity has not been very forgiving and certainly hasnt been a good year for allergies so far. One maintenance task we cant stress enough is changing the air filter in your home. This will no doubt give you much cleaner air to breathe and can help your allergies a great deal!.

Being that the hot summer months are upon us it is always a good idea to have your air conditioner unit serviced to ensure that it is working to its full efficiency and will continue to work for you throughout the hot summer days. Hutchison Mechanical has qualified technicians waiting to help you with any HVAC issue you might be faced with. Never hesitate to call us with any questions or concerns that you may have.

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Find a Factory Authorized Dealer

The majority of heating and cooling companies deal with a specific brand of HVAC equipment.  Whether it is Carrier, Bryant and so on, there are many choices. Although these companies typically offer a specific brand they are able to service many models and brands of ac units. Factory authorized dealers can provide the best prices on factory equipment.  Companies which are authorized to sell heating and cooling products should be your first choice when selecting a heating and air conditioning company.  There are many steps that must be taken to become a factory authorized Bryant dealer.  It is not an easy task and is something Hutchison Mechanical is very proud of being a factory authorized Bryant dealer. This gives them the opportunity to provide the most affordable heating and cooling services in Macomb County.

It is important to ensure that the company you are working with is licensed and insured. There are many ways that you can research a particular company. Read through any reviews or testimonials that talk about the products as well as services offered by the company that you want to handle your unique task.

Air conditioning systems are primarily used during the hot summer months. Michigan is an area which can have very hot summers and bitter cold winters.  Surviving the warm summer months is much easier with an ac unit.  Having an ac unit in your home or business is guarantee that you will have a comfortable area to be in.

Heating and Air Conditioners in Michigan

There is no doubt that new air conditioners can be very costly. There are many variables to consider when deciding to purchase a new ac unit.  Perhaps you already have an ac unit that is broken or not working properly. Depending on the cost of repairs you may be much better off by investing into a new ac unit. These modern air conditioners will provide you with more affordable ac in your home or business.  Newer models are much more efficient and can end up saving you a great deal of money over time. The initial cost can be quite high. The savings that you receive over time can help offset those initial costs that you may have.

It is always wise to ask many questions, a heating and cooling company should be able to answer any question you have. Hutchison Heating and air conditioning will always provide free information and the highest quality services.  Being in business since 1932 has been a long and perilous journey. Providing South East Michigan with the best heating and cooling services is the driving force behind their company.

Being a factory authorized Bryant dealer Hutchison can provide affordable and professional services.  No matter the situation we work closely with each of our clients unique needs. There is certainly a variety of furnace and air conditioners for you to select from. AC units vary in size, typically modern homes have the same style of ac units outside their home.

Companies such as Hutchison Mechanical located in Michigan make sure homes and offices are air conditioned using various ac products that they provide from Bryant.  Hutchison is one of the highest rated companies in Macomb County that you can hire.

They are very reputable and will certainly provide the most friendly service and quality craftsmanship. There is no doubt that you will be 100% satisfied when hiring Hutchison for your heating and cooling needs.

Selecting Air Conditioning Installation Companies

Air conditioning is essential especially in the warmer seasons in areas such as Michigan to help in cooling the air. To have good air conditioning it is important to have the best ac unit installed so that its effectiveness is experienced when one walks into the room. There are some home owners who choose to install the ac unit on their own through the manual provided, while others decide to hire professionals to do the air conditioning installation. Engaging the services of an air conditioning installation company is the best choice because the services that they offer are undertaken by professionals who ensure the work is done well.

Finding air conditioning companies in Michigan is easily done while using the internet because most companies have set up websites that give information on the products as well as the services they offer. These websites allow the individual looking for such services to be able to compare the services offered by each company and the costs attached to them. While browsing it is important to note down the air conditioning companies that look promising through selection criteria that will help guide the process better.

Michigan Heating and Air Conditioning Service

First, it is important to find an ac service that is reputable because of the clients that it has offered these services to and they were satisfied. The experience that is exhibited by the technician in the company is also another way to gauge the reliability of the air conditioning company. Reading through online reviews is a good way of getting to know the reputation of a company in regards to the services offered because comments by their previous clients, whether positive or negative are displayed.

Second, the company given the mandate to do the ac installation should be licensed to operate in the state in which it is located. When a company is licensed it is an indication that the government agency in the area mandated to certify whether a  company is able to offer services has given them a go ahead to run such a business. The licence should give the customer more confidence in the company that is to do the installation of the ac unit.

Third, the technicians from the air installation company should also be familiar with the brand of ac unit that is to be installed. Most times when an air conditioning system has been installed it will work well, but at a point it might breakdown needing repair. The air conditioning repair should be able to be done by the company that installed it to avoid any malfunctions or damage. There are some installation companies that offer a guarantee for a certain time period after they have done the set up for the ac unit, which means that in case of any malfunctions they will offer repair services at no fee.

Hutchison Mechanical is one of the companies in Macomb Michigan, Shelby Township that are able to professionally install your ac unit and have it working within a short time period.  Being a licensed, certified and insured company you can count on us for any heating and air conditioning needs you could have.  Finding the right heating and cooling company is the first and most important step in the process.  Hutchison Mechanical Co. has been providing south east Michigan with premium service for 80 years.

Advantages Of Having AC Units Repaired

Most homes in the Michigan area have ac units that are responsible for the regulation and air conditioning of the rooms in the house irrespective of the seasons. These ac units can either be installed by professionals from air conditioning companies or by a home owner who has the skills in doing such installations. The brands of air conditioning units are a variety and therefore it is important to find one that is able to meet the needs of the home and be easy to maintain as well.

Air conditioning repair is a service that home owners will need at one time or another due to a variety of reasons. It is for this reason that it is important to have a reliable air conditioning company that has experience in air conditioner repair. As soon as an ac unit is showing signs of reduced functionality it is important to have a professional look at it rather than ignoring the signs which might end up in damaging the air conditioning further.

Early air conditioner repair is a cost saving measure that can make the difference between replacing the ac unit and buying air conditioner parts that are not working well. The buying of specific parts is usually not as expensive as buying a new ac unit unless the part that has been damaged is core to the functions of the unit and would cost more than a replacement.

The professionals that are doing the ac repair are able to identify the air conditioner parts that have been damaged or are defective and recommend what should be done. If the damage is not extensive then the parts that have been affected can be replaced so that the ac unit can work as well as before. For example, if the damage is done to the compressor then an ac compressor replacement should be done that matches with the brand and model of the air conditioning unit.

Regular maintenance of the ac unit is another way of preventing the purchase of new equipment because any repair work that needs to be done will noted when the maintenance is to be done. There are times when insects invade the ac unit making its functions ineffective, therefore some cleaning and small repairs will go a long way in ensuring that it works well and at its optimum at all times.

Nevertheless, there are times when air conditioning repair can no longer be done because the equipment needs to be replaced. The air conditioner parts become faulty because of the time period that it has been working, and the air conditioner prices attached to its repair will be much costly than buying a new one. However, with regular maintenance as well as repair the ac unit will be able to be of service to the home owner for many years.  If in the Macomb, Michigan area and looking for air conditioner repair services, then Hutchison Mechanical which is located in Shelby Township is your best choice.

Since Hutchison Mechanical was founded in 1932 we have provided exceptional services, and affordable prices.  Regardless of your current heating or air conditioning need’s  our technicians will provide the very best air conditioning services in Michigan. We provide free information and are very knowledgeable in the field of heating and air conditioning.

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Air Conditioning Services in Michigan

What happens when your air conditioner stops working? Now, your usually comfortable home suddenly becomes a sweltering a sauna! Many people immediately turn to the yellow pages in order to find someone to come out and repair their furnaces. With little, to no thought about researching, with any of the air conditioning companies. Many times the heat will affect their decision, but a some research could save a lot of money in the long run. You need to know that your cooling problems will be addressed quickly, and that the service technician will arrive on time and have the proper tools to effectively deal with the problem. Just asking a few questions can mean the difference between getting okay service and excellent service.

Do you specialize in air conditioner repair?

Although, many heating and air conditioning service companies can diagnose problems, you might want to be sure that the company you hire specializes in heating and air conditioning repair services. Many air conditioning companies repair units, but many others make the bulk of their sales from replacing units instead of repairing them. Keeping in mind that the price to replace a unit is much more significant than the price to replace a part you may want to evaluate, read reviews, or just ask questions before committing to hiring a certain air conditioning company to repair your unit. In some cases, though the air conditioner is simply too old and even replacing a faulty or broken part will not help. In those cases replacing the entire unit is the best course of action.

How qualified are the service technicians?

Reading tips about hiring the best air conditioning repair technicians you may come across a lot of tips that range from common sense to really odd. For example that you should try to figure out if your technician is an alcoholic or not. Unless you want to hire someone to do background checks on the technician, then the best course of action is to find out if they are bonded, licensed, and most of all insured. Also be sure that they have the necessary NATE certification. Usually a technician who has a license, insurance, and is bonded will also have passed the HVAC certification course and have the necessary insurance in case some type of damage happens to your property or yourself because of work done to your air conditioning unit. NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certification will show that the person servicing your air conditioner is up to date on all the latest air conditioning knowledge.

Is there a time limit on your service agreement?

This mostly depends on the issue that caused you to have your air conditioner repaired. The technician might not be able to fix the problem the same day. If this is the case you should take care before making payments. You should ask to have a time agreement drafted up to ensure that your unit will be repaired on or by a predefined date and time. If the agreement is not met you will not have to pay. However, most air conditioning companies complete their repairs on time even when you do not have any agreements in place. For every good company there are those who take months or weeks to fix a problem, and this is something that you cannot have happen especially in the sweltering heat of the summer. 

Michigan Ductless Mini Split Air Conditoining

Split air conditioners also known as ductless air conditioners are sometimes a better option than central air conditioners. These types of air conditioners are great for small spaces. For example offices and apartments can benefit from split ac because there is no need for a duct system making installing them easier.

But the advantage of a mini-split air conditioning unit is not just their compact size, but also how flexible they are. A split air conditioner can be installed in certain rooms or just because of zoning. These types of systems work off of an outdoor and indoor type of system. However, hooking up the two systems only needs a small 3 to 4 inch hole to connect the conduits together. The unit that is outside can be more than 50 feet from the other unit that is inside, and have up to four air handling units that are used to make the rooms cooler.

The fact that these ductless mini splits do not require any ducts helps save energy. Central air systems that force air through ducts can have loose screws or holes that lose the cool air on the journey to different rooms. This results in higher electric bills and more cost to the homeowner who needs to cool his home or business. While ductless or mini-split air conditioners are much more efficient and also “green” in many areas.

The biggest disadvantage of a mini-split system is the cost. They can price anywhere from 1500-2000 per ton. This cost is much higher than other air conditioners and even window units. They are also much higher in cost than central air units. Another drawback to ductless air conditioners are that they are typically unsightly. Typically, they are mounted to a wall, or ceiling, but you have to have a drain for the water condensation to drain out. The unit doesn’t usually blend in very well and may interrupt the flow of the room.

However, even if split air conditioning units might cost a bit more than typical air conditioning systems they are much better at saving you money. With lower energy bills they usually make up for their higher price tags in a few years of use. Even though they are more efficient and provide higher energy savings some air conditioning companies do not recommend them. This is due partly to the fact that many air conditioning companies have more experience installing duct work systems, and only install mini-splits when ducts are not an option. In the end is up to the owner on what system they want to install, but will probably rely heavily on the recommendation of a company or installer.

Controlling the temperature is essential to staying comfortable.  Nobody wants to be faced with a broken furnace or air conditioner.  Probably the most import part of your home is the heating and cooling system. Although air conditioning is much more common and used in the South, Michigan has hot humid summers as well.  Summers may not be near as hot as it gets down south but hot none the less.

It is always recommended to have a service technicians maintain your HVAC system every year. Some of the air conditioning unit checkups include cleaning the condenser coils, assuring the electronics are functioning properly, oiling the motors, and much more. Hutchison Mechanical in Southeast Michigan can provide the very best prices and service around. Hutchison Mechanical has qualified technicians that will keep you informed throughout the entire process.  Keeping close relationships with our customers is one of our first priorities.


Spring is Here Michigan!

Warm weather has been gracing our fellow michiganders the past 2 weeks.  This warm weather has inspired everyone to get their house ready for the summertime!  Getting your spring cleaning done always makes your whole house feel cleaner.  Many of us have started turning the dirt over in our yards, getting the flowerbeds ready.  Dont forget about your heating and cooling system, with these warm days we have had recently its sure that the hot weather is just around the corner.  Getting your air conditioner in Michigan checked out can be a wise decision.

Many of the newer air conditioners not only provide the best experience but the lowest costs!  Should anything happen to your air conditioner we have brand new air conditioning units that will be suitable for any residential or commercial needs.  These new and improved air conditioning models will provide much more efficiency in comparison to older models.

We understand your heating and cooling system can be something overlooked when you are getting your home ready for the summer.  We are only a phone call away to make sure you are setup and ready for the new summer.  Making sure your unit is operating properly and is charged properly with refridgerant you will ensure a smooth operation over the summer and save yourself some money by having your a/c unit operate at its full potential.